2021 Virtuosi Summer Music Institute

Welcome: Since 2011, our Virtuosi Summer Music Institute and Festival has delighted audiences with performances of chamber music works and operas.

2021 VMI Faculty:

IMPORTANT: New (UPDATED) Dates for 2021:

3 weeks option: July 12 – July 30 (tuition: $550)
2 weeks option: July 18 – July 30 (tuition: $450)
Festival Performances: July 11 – August 1 – Performance Details will be announced soon

To download the 2021 application form click here >>>

Please attach and e-mail back the application to info@thevirtuosi.org,
or mail the filled, printed form to
Connecticut Virtuosi Music Academy
c/o Brunilda Myftaraj
201 Whitney Street, Hartford, CT 06105

Chamber Music – Individual Instruction – Master-Classes – Orchestra – Jazz Ensemble and Improvisation – Fun & Educational Activities – Public Performances – Music Theory

The full institute is open to students 13 years old and older, and adults. Younger students ( 12 yo and younger) are advised to participate in individual lessons only.
Instruments: Strings: violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano

The Virtuosi Summer Music Institute and Festival address the need for intensive music education for talented and motivated students, that is affordable yet rigorous, comprehensive, and provided by world-class instructors. It also exposes the students and the wider community to a series of diverse and inspiring performances including chamber orchestra, voice, and chamber music. After a year when live musical performance was limited or non-existent,  and when funding for musical education at public schools is limited, it is even more important that students reconnect with the beauty and focus offered by music education and performance.  The program is open to students who demonstrate a command of their instrument and are able to perform in a variety of musical settings.

Our commitment to high-standard concerts is as strong as ever. The Institute’s program will include chamber music coaching, chamber orchestra, music theory classes, history of composers from guest lecturers, and many public performances. Our outstanding, internationally acclaimed, and very dedicated instructors are interacting closely with students – teaching, socializing, and sharing their performance experiences. This inspirational and indispensable relationship gives our students a great boost of self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.


All Institute instructions and the majority of the Festival performances take place at St. James Episcopal Church in Farmington,

We also present performances at the First Presbyterian Church of Hartford and the Wadsworth Museum of Art in Hartford.

The program is open to The institute is open to students 13 years old and older, and adults who demonstrate a good command of their instrument and are able to perform in a variety of chamber music and advanced orchestral settings.

In order to be considered for solo performance opportunities, a student must come with a prepared repertoire including classical or romantic sonata, bravura piece, or concerto movement prepared prior to the start of the institute. Piano accompaniment will be provided.

Important Info:

  • Arrival time between 9:30 to 10 am (earlier drop off may be arranged as needed)
  • Pick up time 2 pm.
  • Parents are required to provide transportation to camp and performance venues.
  • Please bring your own masks and hand sanitizer as needed.
  • We will provide additional sanitizer as needed.
  • Classes will be limited to a maximum of 10 students.
  • Please bring lunch and a snack.
  • Students must have black folders labeled with their names, a notebook, staff paper, and a pencil on the first day of camp.
  • Please bring a music stand.